Sonos One and Sonos Play5

Setting up Alexa on the Sonos One in Singapore

UPDATE (18/12/2018): I haven’t had to set up any new Sonos Oneses so I don’t know if any of the steps below are still necessary! I do know that the Alexa app is still not available in my iPhone, though. I recently fired up the Alexa app in my old Android phone, and now I am able to do the following:

  1. Set Spotify as the default music player (no need to specify “through Spotify” when asking Alexa to play a song or playlist).
  2. Set up the speaker’s location to Singapore, so I get proper weather reports
  3. Add in frequently travelled routes to ask Alexa for traffic information
  4. Change the units to metric, instead of imperial.

UPDATE (27/12/2017): Looks like Alexa and Spotify are now integrated! You’ll need to use your Alexa app (I had to do this on my old Android phone) to set it up. Now, I can ask Alexa to play certain songs from Spotify [Alexa, play Love on the Weekend from Spotify] and it plays it on my Sonos One, and whatever was grouped with it. I can also ask Alexa to play “Chill Hits”, a Spotify playlist I am following – but it won’t recognize my words when I ask it to play “Weihan”, a playlist I created. Time to change my playlist names. (more info)

I bought a Sonos One speaker knowing full well Alexa is not supported in Singapore, thinking – let’s just give it a try. I’ve read a bit on forums by some Singaporeans saying they got Alexa working on their Sonoses, so I thought, if they can, so can I!

Unfortunately, most of the threads say they did it, without saying how. Time to find out myself. Read more